The Coming Wave - Prologue

The Delhron Arrives

Capt. Freon of the Rogue Trader Vessel - Delhron. Log 850.M41.

Run: Eustis Majoris to Lams Arotte via Ingeran

Status: Two months from Ingeran

Despite not being a scheduled rest point on our run to Lams Arotte, my Astropath has grown more reclusive and adamant than usual that we need to exit the warp. My apprehension to this fact has been alleviated, as all three of my navigational servitors cannot find the barren rock, that we now find ourselves orbiting, on any of the starcharts that we have access to. It appears to be caught in a gravity well, and with all scans so far indicating the wealth of minerals it has to offer, I am considering to send my mining team down to the rock, to extract and fill up the rest of my only quarter-full cargo hold.


My Behemoth has just made contact with the rocks surface, and further surveying shows the wealth that it can provide. We could not bring it's entire mineral deposit with us, but I'm sure I can exchange my goods at Ingeran to come back here.


Krelton, my mining supervisor, has informed me that the rock, that we have come to call Enoch, has an atmosphere. Although this will make our task a little easier, we have come to the conclusion, with the aid of my savant Reliath, that this is an effect of the gravity well and gases venting from below the surface. Due to the instability, we are having trouble keeping the Delhron in a stable orbit. Krelton informs me of no troubles on the surface, but we may have to leave them to save us being stuck in the gravity well.


Log Ends

Supervisor Krelton of the Mining Vessel - Behemoth.

Transmission to: Rogue Trader Vessel - Delhron.

Captain Freon. Requesting status of Delhron. We have taken shelter in mining corridor C5, we have seen that the Delhron has taken a decaying orbit. Please respond with status of Delhron. Repeat, please respond with status of Delhron. I hope everything is under control up there Captain.