Surome, Duchess of Tranquility



Be it state of mind or action. Most of creation strives to attain this goal and those who don't are bitterly opposed to it. Tranquility is one of the final states of everything. All chaos and disruption is but an irritation at most as it smooths back into a tranquility like ripples on a pond.



  1. 1. Humanity must live, and live forever.
  2. 2. What must be done ought to be done cleanly.
  3. 3. Humans must be protected (particularly from themselves.)


Aspect -0- [ 6 AMPs]
Domain -4- [ 5 DMPs]
Realm -0- [ 5 RMPs]
Spirit -2- [ 5 SMPs]


Eternal [3]
Invisibility [1]
Worldwalker [2]

Bonds & Anchors

[5] Estate of Tranquility
[4] Imperator
[4] Code of the Light
[3] Chancel
[2] Sisters of Silence
[1] Emperor
[1] Vow of Tranquility


Mute | Limit of Aspect, her lips are fused together| 1 AMP/s


Serenity | Surome has transcended being calm and collected. She is Unfazeable


Surome was on her way to rendez-vous with a black ship that will be docking at Ingeran. She is to replace another sister who had been killed by a group of rogue psykers while investigating a rumor of someones trying to build a replica or facsimile of the emperor's throne. Already an elite squad will be hunting them further. She decided to go with the miners onto the mineral enriched rock to ensure that it wasn't being mined by any of the rogue psykers.

Current Affairs

Rogue Psykers

Ensuring that these do not cause any further disturbance, especially since they caused the death of a sister

Anchoring one of the Sisters of Silence

Once Surome is EnNobled, she will want a sister in a high station to assist her.

To Find a way to Completely Bar the Immaterium

Humanity can best be saved by removing the link that the Immaterium can establish with the Materium. Either by removing the links or by barring it entirely.

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