Welcome, my siblings, I am Robert. You have all been brought to Ialoveni, just outside the capital city of Chişinău in Moldova. You are here because it is quiet and the people will not notice some of the rural outposts going missing. Our gracious Imperator, Rashivan, has instructed me to inform you of the situation.
You have been given the shard to aid our Imperator in reclaiming the fabled heartland that is Eden. Approximately four months ago a group of your, now deceased, siblings were fighting to stop the annihilation of the fabled land. They were successful in their task, and gave their lives to it. The nameless Excrucian that did this however, did not entirely fail. Eden has now been lost.
You are to find Eden and reclaim it for our Imperator.


A Quick Overview

The setting is Earth, 2009, however, there are some fundamental changes:

  • America is a Fascist Dictatorship.
  • India, Mongolia, Nepal (and some others) are at War with China.
  • The middle-east is a democratic union, much like the EU.
  • Russia is an autocracy led by the Tsar Chevna.
  • Mexico is one big fortress.
  • There is caucasian segregation in South Africa, that is under Martial law.

The Full Story

For all information regarding the changes, please see the mind map. Anything not noted there, is assumed to be just the same as our history.

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