Imperator Rashivan


  • Awe
  • Dust
  • LSD


Aaron's Serpent

  1. Protect the sanctity of nature, particularly plant-life.
  2. Protect the sanctity of tranquility.
  3. Protect the sanctity of the stars.


Considerate [+1]
Handicap - Summonable [-1] | 2MPs
Untalented - Lying [-1]
Corrupt Mystery Cult [-1]
Honourable [+2]
Cold [-1]
Straightforward [-1]
Transcendent [+2]
Handicap - Ceremonial [-1] | 1MP
Handicap - Honest [-1] | 1MP
Great Harvest [+2] | 4 DPs per Session
Total: 0


Rashivan, Imperator of Awe, Bricks, Dust and LSD is somewhat removed from his Powers. He rules with the proverbial iron fist. He has a clear concept of what his Powers are for [Considerate], but expects them to fulfil the tasks he deems them to do, when he wants them done [Summonable]. He treats them more like a regiment, than his creations/family [Cold] however, like any army general [Honourable] he ensures that his Powers have the safety to conduct his whim [Transcendent]. Should there be misshap, information needs to be accurate [Untalented: Lying], so that the 'general' can accurately asses the information.

The Cult of Rashivan has recently been dealt a might blow. A disagreement in their ancient scripture has lead to a third of their followers being killed. The remaining two-thirds now carry on their belief. They are iconographers, believing in the power of architecture. "We are built as temples, to construct temples for the one."

Their abilities, though not understanding where they come from, centre around being able to turn human flesh, into awe-inspiring buildings. Cultists will often volunteer for the ritualistic process, believing that becoming apart of the temple brings them closer to 'the one'.

Locus Rashivan


Assertive Realm's Heart [-2] | Kasha
Deviant Technology [-1]
Technological Rarity [-1] | Also applies to magic
Mobile [+6] | Hopping from tree to tree
Faerie Magic + Alchemy [+3]
Mana Mine 1 [+1]
Weird Science [+1]
Total: 7


Locus Rashivan is an ebbing and flowing field of greenery, surrounded by patches of woodland. It's populace mostly lives rurally amongst the fauna. Few however, live in moderately sized encampments (think Rohan).
A few of these encampments will have an elder, that seems to be able to weave magic and perform alchemical feats. Unbeknownst to most inhabitants elders (a title, not an indication of age) are those rare few who have been able to strike a deal with one of the faefolk in the chancel. These few and far between faefolk enable the elders to use their abilities, for a varying price. [Rarity due to Tech. Rarity which effects magic as well]

Beneath these structures that exude the heuristic of 'working with nature' there lies a few that deal with mind-boggling sciences. Long ago forced to work underground, the few people who forsake the natural world continue their work into the rarely used technology that they create. These few scientists and engineers enable the rest of the inhabitants to have perpetually healthy crops, not have to worry about the seasons, and generally thrive in their life; from what they've forsaken.
Assertive Realm's Heart - Kasha, Power of the rural habitat. Wants to keep the weird science underground, whilst the surface stays rural. [This is much more succinct].

The chancels entrances move, hopping from tree to tree. Forming the link between the outer regions woodland, and the plant life in the real.