Megan Silvers

Megan Silvers



Associations: Enmity, Separateness, Stubbornness, the Power of NO!
The Truth of the Estate: Rejection isn’t merely being opposed to something; it’s an active stance against. Many things dwell in the sea for instance, existing there yet apart from it – the sea does not reject them though they remain distinct. A ship, on the other hand, is rejected by the sea – the sea push, fight against the intrusion on its domain. That the human aboard the ship depend on this rejection for it to be useful is irrelevant; it merely means that the rejection is both ways.

The ultimate manifestation of rejection is the rejection of truth, of events, of causality itself. It is the refusal to accept the world as it is on its own terms, to demand that this not be so.

Secondary Estate


Associations: Perversion of Purpose, Transgression, Ruination, Degradation.
Truth of the Estate: When the blow was struck, it was done so with a terrible essence born from that which could not be part of the world, a nature the world would never accept. It was intended to poison, to degrade, and would have done so. However, that unacceptableness was harnessed, turned into something concrete, and what the world refused was used to define Rejection. Still, even inverted, Violation remained – it is in every way the equal of Rejection, its inseparable twin.

Violation doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it only exists where there are things that can be ruined. It requires barriers to cross, rules to brake, worth to degrade. Perhaps some benefit is harnessed elsewhere, but by its nature the crime committed and the damage done must far outweigh it. Violation can never be good; at best it can exist as a lesser evil.

The man who burns his neighbors’ homes to warm himself on a chilly autumn evening is touched by it. The sea that quests and quests until it poisons deep underground reservoirs of ground water is also complicit with Violation. Ultimately, many Excruciation fallow the same path, a perversion or ruination of a whole Estate. For this reason, only the fact that such paths were followed by the Excrucians before Violation was born kept this Estate from being murdered moments after coming into being.

Secondary Estate


Associations: Harmony, Sanctuary, Plenty, Intellectualism.
The Truth of the Estate: Utopia was the ground of mediation. When the hostility of Rejection became too much, and the necessary evils, as well as evils less necessary, of Violation grew to terrible, Megan turned turned the twin estates on themseleves and on each other. From this, Utopia was born. It is the Rejection of suffering, of need, of compromise, of destructive ignorance, and a willful Violation against striving, loss, entropy, and strife. As such, it isn’t real, merely an illusion carved by the estates of Rejection and Eldritch Horror into the fabric of the world. It is weak and fleeting, but still precious. There is little Utopia in Heaven, less in Hell, and in the world it exists only in fleeting moments. It has no traction on the world, seeing as it is not something real into itself – still, perhaps its power might grow with work and time.


Code of Humanist Idealism

  1. Hope is the Highest Virtue
  2. Faith is the poison that destroys hope
  3. What must be done ought to be done cleanly


Aspect - 0 - [5 AMPs]
Domain - 4, 4, 1 - [5 DMPs]
Realm - 0 - [5 RMPs]
Spirit - 0 - [5 SMPs]


//Greater Dead // [7]
Greater Destruction of Self (8) | Invocation Automatic (+1) | Self Only (-3) | Full Flexibility (+1) | Uncommon (NA) | Total: 7 |

Dead, Megan Silvers cannot be struck; there is nothing in her nature to strike. She cannot be bound; there is nothing in her nature to hold. She cannot be denied by walls or traps; there is nothing in her nature to be block, or trap, or hold, or slow, or hurt, or even so much as tire. Even if a terrible miracle were to occur to impose such a condition on her, she would forget it a heartbeat latter. An Immortal is ‘Sealed’ – their Freedom and Magic beyond lasting distress. Megan is transparent and ephemeral, her Freedom and Magic taking a form that cannot be touched or defined by an outsider, and Life being something she long ago discarded as troublesome.

This is a Greater Destuction of Self, and in a campaign that uses the Uncommon Tax is would cost 8 points instead of seven.

Mien of the unconquered self [1]
Realm (4) | Automatic (+1) | Local (-1) | One Trick (-3) | Common (-) | Total: 1 |

It's true that on some level Megan is aimless, her ideals and will have been blunted by her lack of focus. Still, it must be remembered that even before she was EnNoblement, she was an into itself. Even if she isn’t liked or agreed with, she commands deference.

This is the Fragrance of Nobility, bought as a gift at the fourth level.

Bonds & Anchors

[Level] Name
[5] The Sanctity of the Estate of Utopia
[4] The parents she writes a letter to every four months, but hasn’t visited or talked to years
[4] The cause of Transhumanism, for its ability to prove that man hasn’t yet given up on himself
[3] The sanctity of the Estate of Refusal
[2] Her complete collection of signed Roger Zelazny Books
[2] //The space program


General Restrictions
Revelatory Trait – Insubstancial | Megan often forgets little things, like how her footsteps need to have some weight behind them, or that you cement is to rough to skate across, but ice isn’t, or even to open a door before stepping through. Any of these things can give away her nature to the observant. | 1 MP

Visible | There is nothing between the lady of Rejection and her actions but herself. She cannot shield her vices behind a veil of flesh, nor depend on first impressions to mask her virtues. She presents herself as she is, even when she wishes this was not so. | 1 MP


Hopeful | Megan looks towards tomorrow with a belief that things will improve, that good will triumph, that injustice will be dealt with. She can be convinced of her own faults, she can lose sight of the goodness of those around her, but she will never despair. To her, the victory of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’ is inevitable, even when she isn’t quite clear on what Good and Evil are.


Megan Silvers had a happy, if brief, life. Conceived by parents who bridged the gap between the growing intellectual movement and the then just starting hippie movement of the early sixties, she was born in San Francisco in 1964. Her parents were smart and loving, and they had no issue with dotting on her, even if they weren’t always the most together people. It would be hard to find my fault with the first thirteen years of her existence. Then in 1977, just before spring break, that ended. It wasn’t dramatic, her shoelaces were untied and she tripped on the stairs. Fortunately no one else was there to see or report the accident. So after stealing her own clothes off her cooling corpse and dumping it where it wouldn’t be found, she was able to go on with her ‘life’ just fine for anther two year, by which time it was obvious that she wasn’t getting any older.

That discussion was rather awkward, but in the end she went ahead and dropped out. Not only was she was unchanging, but she was beginning to lose her touch at faking life. She haunted her parents’ house for another three year before deciding to move out. Five years after dying, in 1982, she began looking for a niche to fit herself to.

Traveling the world and contributing no small number of spooky roadside stories to the tapestry of roadside myth was fun, but ultimately unproductive. As a ghost, she had few real needs. Young in form if not mind, it was hard for her to connect meaningfully to the living. A member of the highest echelon of the bodiless dead, a miraculous specter untouchable against her will, she was techniqually a figure of dread among the circles of the dead. However, this was almost completely negated by her fundamental lack of real power. She never had to work - to drag herself up the hierarchy of the unliving, and this was reflected in the shallowness of her command of the arts of the dead – the curses, haunting, and horrors that so many ghosts invoked remained beyond her.

Her Ennoblement was as unexpected as it was unintended. Her yet to be Imperator was struck in the Valde Bellum by the Excrucian host with a Terrible Blow, born of an essence that would not conform to the nature of creation. It was intended to be a final strike, one that would condemn even a imperator to a wasting death. Instead the Terrible Blow was Rejected, a new estate forming like a pearl around an impurity. The newly born twin estates simultaneously formed in its soul, and skipped free to find a lesser soul to dwell in. It might be easy to say that Megan was merely in the right place at the right time, but as a ghost, her existence was a rejection of death, so perhaps more then happenstance chose her.

Megan is a new Noble. She just ascended to the ranks as the game starts, or maybe a few minutes after.

Current Affairs

Researching the Hidden

Megan has spent the last few years of her afterlife writing a Bestiarum vocabulum of for all the strange things she has run into since dying. While she has noticed that some unseen force has kept part of the world hidden, she still intends to finish it and publish it.

Going to the Moon

Megan has long been fascinated by the space program. She’s avidly read everything she can about what’s being done, she’s collected signatures, she has pursued it constantly for decades now. While in the past her ability to get involved in support it was quite limited, that will soon change with her enNoblement.

Overarching Goal

To define herself and what she wants to be. While her EnNoblement may have brought the issue to ahead, it isn’t a new one for her. She is a being of power and drive dreaming of a better future. She just has little in the way of ideas about how she will participate in bringing that future about, or even exactly what that future is.

Anchor Biographies

Megan has yet to claim an anchor.