King Heimrich, Baron of Awe



Easiest way to describe this is to use a definition, as it's what I was aiming for it to encompass -
1. an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of God; in awe of great political figures.
2. Archaic. power to inspire fear or reverence.
3. Obsolete. fear or dread. [including this]


The Light

  1. Humanity must live, and live forever.
  2. What must be done ought to be done cleanly.
  3. Humans must be protected (particularly from themselves.)


Aspect - 1 - [5 AMPs]
Domain - 1 - [5 DMPs]
Realm - 4 - [5 RMPs]
Spirit - 2 - [5 SMPs]


Yes,Master [1]
Lesser Change of Free Will (+6) | Simple Invocation (-1) | Single Target (-2) | Single Target (-2) | Un/common (-) | Total: 1|

Bonds & Anchors

[5] His (The Chancels) People
[4] Heimrich's Imperator
[4] Regent Jikre - Anchor
[3] Advisor Kulo
[2] Master-in-Chief Lucian - Anchor
[2] News of the real
NB: No Anchor, nor Advisor Kulo has miraculous power.


General Restrictions
Affiliation | MP gained whenever showing high service to the code of Light. | 1 MP/s
Chancel Bound | For each day beyond the first that Heimrich is not within his Chancel he losses 1MP. If he has to leave the real to mitigate this at a time of inconvenience he gains 1-3MPs depending on the severity of the inconvenience. | +/-1-3 MP/s


Clear-Headed | Heimrich works well when under pressure, and no matter the odds that seem faced against him he always keeps a clear head.


Brought into ennoblement just outside Chişinău in Moldova some twenty years ago, Heimrich has taken on the mantle of handling his Imperators Chancel. Using his gift, and his innate position, he has been able to ascend to controlling the entirety of the Chancel. Most of his time has been spent within the Chancel, and over the course has grown to love Regent Jikre & hate Master-in-Chief Lucian, making them his Anchors. Rarely breaching into the real, Heimrich's place is atop the Chancel however, when he does, Regent Jikre is left in control.

Current Affairs

Project One

Heimrich's concern regarding the vulnerability of the chancel has increased of late. He is currently spearheading an operation to create an artificial encapsulation of awe. This will be a long project, due to it's nature. From a character point of view, I am to invest domain points in the structure as I gain them throughout the campaign.

Project Two

It is suspected that Advistor Kulo is currently beginning plans to perform a coup d'etat. It is far from fruition, but causes concern as Heimrich is bonded to him, yet he disagrees with some aspects of his leadership.

Overarching Goal

Maintenance of the Chancel, ideally he does not want to get involved with real-world affairs, though he is bonded to keep up-to-date with news of them and protect the sanctity of his estate.

Anchor Biographies

Regent Jikre

A stout woman in her mid-40's by this time, Heimrich's relationship with her began when she was in her mid-20's and he had just arrived at the Chancel. With the innate mantle of being the Chancel's True King, it would've seemed easy to win over the people. Heimrich was reluctant to do so, and Jikre aided him on his campaign to take up the throne of leadership. Taking 5 years in total to fully reach fruition, by such a time Jikre had been the individual he had spent most of his time with, and opened up most to. This was reflected in a position of trust amongst his court, being his second-in-command. Now Jikre keeps a hot head, and a great deal of concern, though not entirely full comprehension, for what Heimrich does.

Advistor Kulo

Brought amongst Heimrich's court within the last few years, he was brought in as an advisor to aid his decision making regarding Chancel defences. With his trust in good intentions at hand, Heimrich had come to rely upon Kulo. Of late Kulo has become more distanced from Heimrich, and Heimrich fully suspects this as the ambitious man's way of dealing with a recent dispute with Heimrich; regarding leadership. Heimrich has yet to take action upon this 50-something year old man.

Master-in-Chief Lucian

Before his arrival to the chancel it had been mostly a militant state. Master-in-Chief Lucian was just a boy during this time, but was indoctrinated with this militant view. Rising amongst the ranks during Heimrich's reign, Lucian continues to be a military prodigy amongst his peers. Lucian's arrogance, extrovert nature and the complete and utter belief in oneself has produced some undesirable effects in Heimrich's eyes. There is no doubt that still now in his mid-30's Lucian is as prodigal as ever when it comes to military strategy and tactics, yet Heimrich knows he still aches to be back in the 'golden age' of military supremacy. His hate for him was gained when he attacked Jikre during one of their court meetings, over a small matter of quashing a civil dispute. Jikre spent several weeks in a hospital before she could return to duty. When confronting Lucian about this, he showed no remorse. Despite desire to remove Lucian from efficacy, being clear-headed, Heimrich was able to deduce that Lucian was still valuable to him due to his unique perspective. Thus Lucian remains, respected, but hated.