Power of Life

All things that live, in any sense of the term live fall under the scrutiny of the power of life. Be they plant, or microbial life forms. Be they plant, or other concepts alien to human understanding, life falls under the purview of Loche


The code of the Warden

  1. A Powers estate is his duty
  2. Moderate all within your estate.
  3. Destroy that which corrupts your estate.


Aspect -3 - [ 5 AMPs]
Domain -1 - [ 5 DMPs]
Realm - 1 - [ 5 RMPs]
Spirit -0 - [ 5 SMPs]


Name [Cost]
Type (Cost) | Difficulty (Cost) | Area (Cost) | Versatility (Cost) | Un/common (Cost) | Total: |
Immortality +6
Re-manifestation +1
Creation of Body (+4) | Automatic (+1) | Self (-3) | One Trick (-3) | Uncommon (+1) | Total: +1 |
The Phage +2
Creation of Minions (+4) | Automatic (+1) | Local (-1) | Limited (-2) | Uncommon (1) | Total:+3 |

Whenever his body is irreparable damaged, or destroyed, it simply vanishes in a puff of smoke, and reappears inside the chancel some minutes later. (At random)I'm considering this a lesser creation of body because it doesn't need to be infused with life, as My life force inhabits the body.

The Phage
This is the gift of summoning artifacts and personages of an alien race to his bidding. This includes artifacts and personages of their civilization (Starships, vehicles, weapons, armor and other such technology,)

Bonds & Anchors

[Level] Name
[5] His Estate
[3] His reputation
[3] His Terminator Team (The Revers)
[2] The Imperium
[2] Fishura (A world)


Humors | Character is greatly effected by horoscopes, signs and portents.
Rambunctious | Character acts first talks later, and always leaps before he looks.
Honor Bound // | Has a strong sense of honor and will work diligently to never break a promise
Ethicly compromised // | While his honor is very strong, he isn't very ethical a being.

General Restrictions
Name | Description | MP/s


Bravery | His willingness to do even the most dangerous, and potentially painful things make him seem rather fool hearty at times, but also gives him a reputation for getting the job done.


Jason Commadore Loche dreamed of being an Imeprial Terminaor Marine for as long as he could remember. As soon as the boy became a man only to find that life in the Corps wasn't all that the vids, and holos had touted it to be. But he was a man of convictions, and to that end he stuck to it, though in his tours he saw lots of things that he himself didn't know quite how to feel about. Finally, on a mission to 'liberate' a world where there was reputed to be an artifact of some distinction, he found that the odds were stacked against him and his team with little regard for their safety. The emperor wanted the artifact, and to that end nothing else mattered. As they landed on the dark, abandoned world things went from bad to worse. An alien host had set up a beach head there, which quickly turned into a meatgrinder for the Intereped members of Reaper Corps (His Terminator unit). Only by giving his life, were the gates opend, and the team was able to escape. However, this marked the beginning of the life of the power of Life.

Current Affairs

Project One:Unveiling the Phage

The Phage is a Mysterious force, that initially Loche thought was a product of his appointment, though as time moved on he came to realize that it is something utterly different. Within it's myriad of shadows and folds is a portent of doom for all of life. He works diligently to unfold it's riddle. (HG Play with this as you will… )

Project Two: The war of Abomination

Loche is currently at war with the concept of Undeath, as well as the concept of unlife. To this end, at any given time he can be found fighting a war to push that scourge back.

Overarching Goal

His overreaching goal currently is to preserve the sanctity and the purity of both life and death. This is among his chief motivations..

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