Casus Belli


Nothing, and noone is equal for to be equal is to identical. Always, there are those who excel and those who are merely mediocre… at best and even for those who are similar they are not actually the same. Some things give way, while others force, and some are simply to powerful to challenge. Inequality exists in all of these, for it is an inevitable result of being different.


Code of Testing

  1. To be sentient is to desire. Do not permit contentment.
  2. To achieve ones desire one must earn it. Do not permit weakness.
  3. To avoid weakening, one must overcome challenges. Do not permit complacency.


Aspect 5 - [5 AMPs]
Domain 0 - [5 DMPs]
Realm 0 - [5 RMPs]
Spirit 3 - [5 SMPs]


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Bonds & Anchors

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General Restrictions
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Casus accompanied the mining operation using his right to requisition transport, but has access to his own ship which rests within the bay of the larger vessel. An entourage accompanies him, but noone has managed to ascertain why he wished to come to such a desolate area (in truth, he's using the ship to get transport here as a political meeting he wishes to foil is set to occur in the area).

Current Affairs

Self improvement

Casus began improving himself through the use of robotics from a young age, and is constantly seeking ways to surpass humanity.

Cause of War

Casus is presently working towards triggering a new war between the Imperium and its neighbors as he is disgusted by how satisfied humanity is.

Overarching Goal

Working on challenging/improving humanity and himself through trials.

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