Obviously, Calypso's Estate covers the physical substance LSD, all over the world. As well, she has influence over those qualities associated with the substance: wonderment, frenzy, confusion and sometimes wisdom and even genius. And of course psychedelic imagery of the kind popular during LSD's period of greatest popularity.


The Code of the Wild

  1. Freedom is the highest principle.
  2. Sanity and mundanity are prisons.
  3. Give in kind with a gift received.


Aspect - - 1
Domain - - 3
Realm - - 1
Spirit - - 3


Charisma [1]
Like Glorious, but less awe-producing, more likability.

Bonds & Anchors

[4] Her Estate
[4] Her worldwide extended family of friends and acquaintances
[3] Psychedelics generally
[3] Hatred of authority
[3] Her familia
[2] Her Imperator
[1] Dance music


DistractableCalypso can get pretty scatterbrained at times. | 1 MP/s
MemorableOnce met, never forgotten. | 1 MP/s

General Restrictions
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Name | Description


During the 1990's, by mortal reckoning, a special variant on LSD-25, called LSD-25+ (street name: Plus) circulated all over the Earth. Plus ripped apart the minds of everyone who took it or caused fatal overdoses. Because of this, Plus acquired the darkest of reputations. No sane person would have taken it. (Of course, no one would have stayed sane for long, under the influence of Plus.) So of course Calypso did. The Imperator had decided to enNoble the only person fool enough to take Plus and strong enough of spirit to have survived it. Calypso still brags of undergoing Commencement while tripping heavily, as if Commencement itself would not have expanded consciousness enough.

Calypso sees ''The Wicker Man'' (the original version) and sees it as a model for living. (The Power of Cult Movies got nettled when the remake came out, by the way. Calypso might well do something about it, though she has not yet gotten around to doing it. So much else to do…) She consorts with fairies, because fairies are cool. She looks forward to and contributes to the collapse of shopping mall America. She hands out free tabs a lot though, making sure it stays free of additives which some dealers will add in.

Currently, she acts as a guardian to the most faithful and diligent prophets of LSD. She does not work towards legalizing LSD in the US or anywhere else, because by the time everyone on Earth drops acid, no rules will remain to stop them from doing it. No rules at all, anywhere.

Calypso appears like the opposite of a firebrand, turned this way and that by vagrant thought processes and devolving into baroque tangents and mental cul-de-sacs. She does not fake her sweetness. At the same time, she does not fake her savagery, either random and inexplicable (except to herself) or motivated by some threat to herself, her Estate or to her friends and allies.

She has wide, un-focussed eyes, seemingly dazed, dressed in a palette of bright colors or else like a backpacker, festooned with oddments of jewelry, with long blonde dreads, hazel eyes. Pretty and just a bit dirty. Dazzlingly warm smile.

For a design, a three-fold design of a white violet (symbolically, “let’s take a chance”), purple carnation (capriciousness and whimsy) and a red poppy (pleasure and oblivion) against a swirling psychedelic background surrounded by a ring of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. (Both of these flowers contain LSA, a chemical related to LSD.)

Current Affairs

Punish finks and dishonest dealers
She acts as a goddess of retribution to them.

Give away as much LSD as she personally can and reward good dealers*

Spread the loooove… (voice trails off into stoned oblivion).

Overarching Goal
As a mortal, Calypso considered the modern, mechanized world a penance on the human spirit and anarchy the most perfect natural condition. She now strives towards this.