Anna Colinger



The physical entity:
1. earth or other matter in fine, dry particles.
2. a cloud of finely powdered earth or other matter in the air.
3. any finely powdered substance, as sawdust.
4. the substance to which something, as the dead human body, is ultimately reduced by disintegration or decay; earthly remains.


The Light

  1. Humanity must live, and live forever.
  2. What must be done ought to be done cleanly.
  3. Humans must be protected (particularly from themselves.)


Aspect - 2 - [5 AMPs]
Domain - 3 - [5 DMPs]
Realm - 2 - [5 RMPs]
Spirit - 1 - [5 SMPs]


Re/Turn to Dust [1]
Lesser Change of intraparticulate cohesion (+6) | Simple Invocation (-1) | Single Target (-2) | Limited Use (-2) | Un/common (-) | Total: 1|

Bonds & Anchors

[5] Sanctity of Dust
[4] Curator of Egyptology at the New York Museum (Anchor)
[4] Professor of Egyptology at New York University (Anchor)
[3] Imperator
[2] Family
[1] Her Theories
[1] The Ruins that The Imperator has assigned her to protect


General Restrictions
Reflection Appears Mummified | Anna's reflection appears mummified. If this would give Anna away as being non-human, they gain 1MP | 1MP


Regal | No matter how untidy, gruff or stressed Anna exudes an air of status, and of being regal.


Before ennoblement, Anna was a postgrad student at the New York University Egyptology department. Her theories were wild, radical new frontiers of extrapolation and insight, but her colleagues were bound to old conventions. Frustrated, she took a trip to a dig to clear her head and hopefully discover even more new things. That's when her Ennoblement happened.

Her Imperator had told her that one of his previous servants had fallen, and she had been selected as a replacement. She is still growing accustomed to the world of the nobles and powers due to her recent ascension to power, but she is trying to make the best of it.

Current Affairs

Project One

Annas theories about Egyptology were never accepted as plausible by her colleagues, but thanks to her recent ennoblement she's set on changing that. Her anchors are well placed to be manipulated into introducing her ideas into the establishment, so it's only a matter of time and careful planning.

Project Two

The Imperator has assigned Anna to prevent a myriad of scattered ruins, worldwide but mostly in Egypt, from being discovered and excavated. The Imperator hasn't told her why she must protect these sites, simply that she has to.

Overarching Goal

To protect the sanctity of her Esate, whilst continuing to further her personal goal of confirming her theories.

Anchor Biographies


Gender - Male
Age - 54
Why hate? - Refusal to accept her theories and ignoring her finds in favor of other students discoveries, which to her eyes are merely common trinkets unlike her own revolutionary artifacts.
Current Status - Head Curator of the Egyptology section of the New York Museum. Married with grandchildren.


Gender - Female
Age - 38
Why hate? - She didn't even glance at her papers as she denounced them as being trite and poorly researched.
Current Status - Professor of Egyptology at New York University. Dating an author.