Akashi, Baron of Transcendence



Akashi's domain is that of transcendence, the attribute of being above and independent of the physical plane. Mentally this could be an individuals sudden enlightenment, or tackling concepts such as the soul. Physically this is the shift from corporeality into incorporeality. Scientifically this could be seen as the relationship of relativity, e=mc^2; having the entirety of the potential energy of mass (and thus matter), becoming energy.



  1. A life taken, is not a life lost.
  2. There is always more than one can comprehend.
  3. Respect all that exists now, it may be more in the future.


Aspect - 2 - [5 AMPs]
Domain - 1 - [5 DMPs]
Realm - 0 - [5 RMPs]
Spirit - 5 - [5 SMPs]


Beyond Self [1]
Lesser Change of corporeality (+6) | Simple Invocation (-1) | Self (-3) | Limited Use (-2) | Un/common (-) | Total: 1|

Bonds & Anchors

[Level] Name
[5] Sanctity of Transcendence
[4] His Imperator
[4] Ananda, Lord of Expectations
[3] Tilopa, a Nyingma(pa) Monk in Tibet [Anchor]
[2] John Young, an MI6 agent, currently in Italy [Anchor]
[2] Aldéric Arceneaux, a French Theoretical Physicist, current working at CERN [Anchor]


Uninspiring | Despite Akashi's soul burning like an inferno, none of it shows. Mortals question his decisions, his gaze holds no fire | 3MP (Spirit 5 - 2)
Unseen | Akashi's name is not known outside of his familia. | 2MP

General Restrictions
Name | Description | MP/s
Affiliation | MP gained whenever showing high service to his code. | 1MP
Cannot Use Modern Technology | MP gained whenever this becomes an inconvenience. | 1MP
Respectful | Cannot harm those whose goal is transcendence. | 1MP


Secretive | No force can compel Akashi to say/give away something he doesn't want to. No miracle or magic can wring the 'secret' (whatever it may be) from him.


Akashi was born in Tibet, and spent most of his early life up to the age of 10 under the guidance of Tilopa. Despite learning some of the Nyingma teachings, at 10 he was brought to live amongst some distant relatives in Colorado.

At the age of 19, having spent a shaky childhood trying his best not to get any schooling in his head-strong state he made a trip with his relatives to Las Animas. Arriving at Las Animas, Akashi ran away from his relatives.

After five weeks for travelling, most spent within Teller, Akashi brought the attention of his now Imperator. Taken in for his rebellious state, and the belief in the 'near after' (a teaching he took from his childhood under Tilopa). With this watchful eye upon him, Akashi made his way to the University of Denver. There he met Aldéric, a heated debate ensued, and with an interesting conversation enabling the transaction, Aldéric offered the man lodgings whilst he got back on his feet.

Two weeks in to his stay with Aldéric, Akashi's transition began to take course. The peculiar events that ensued began to be investigated by agent John Young. Shortly before Akashi's ennoblement, John confronted Akashi. Somehow he had suspected Akashi of being the epicentre. A heated fight ended in John leaving, and Akashi being brought into his role.

Current Affairs

Project One

To aid Tilopa in his understanding of Transcendence. He regularly tries to visit him. This has also partly leant into his quest to protect the sanctity of transcendence. By aiding Tilopa, and setting him straight (as much as possible - he does keep some secrets) on certain aspects he protects the sanctity of transcendence.

Project Two

Amongst his fellow nobles Akashi often keeps to himself. This is part of his goal to lay low until the fourth age. He will act when his Imperator deems it, to assert his code, or to keep the sanctity of transcendence. This is partially in conflict however, as he is primarily waiting the fourth age. This leads to an air of "acting only when absolutely necessary."

Overarching Goal

To usher in the fourth age.

Anchor Biographies


Gender: Male
Age: 62
Brief History: Akashi's mentor when he was a boy, Tilopa was more of a father figure than anyone in his life had been. Although Tilopa is his anchor, he rarely uses him as such. This bond is mainly for communication. Tilopa believes Akashi dead, and that he is talking to his spirit.


Gender: Male
Age: 38
Brief History: John was only in Akashi's life near his ennoblement. But he gained Akashi's hate by trying to stop this. By such a time Akashi was viewing the process as his own transcendence. John tried to stop this, and this is the ultimate sacrilege. He rarely uses John if he can avoid it, but understands his useful position.


Gender: Male
Age: 55
Brief History: Although Akashi only stayed with Aldéric for a short while, his kindness filled a void in Akashi. Aldéric primarily acts as Akashi's link to Europe. He knows little of the region, and it helps to see into the memories of his anchor. Most of the scientific aspects he encounters, he turns to Aldéric due to his inability with technology.